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What is an Engcon TiltRotator

A TiltRotator is an excavator's flexible wrist, and Engcon provides a profitable total concept for your operation.

Save money and work more efficiently!

Given the right set of tools, you can save a lot of money. The tiltrotator is just such a tool.

Enhancing Excavation Efficiency and Flexibility with the Engcon TiltRotator

Working in confined spaces and manoeuvring an excavator can be challenging. That's where the Engcon TiltRotator comes in, providing unparalleled versatility and productivity. With the TiltRotator, you can effortlessly work in narrow areas without relocating the machine, saving time and effort.

The Engcon TiltRotator acts as a hydraulic wrist, seamlessly connecting the excavator arm and bucket. This innovative attachment allows the bucket to rotate 360 degrees and tilt up to +/- 45 degrees, granting you the freedom to excavate at any angle with precision.

Imagine being able to dig around obstacles, like manholes or stop-ends, without having to reposition the machine. The TiltRotator makes it possible, significantly increasing efficiency and minimising downtime. Its integrated quick coupler and rotary swivel enable the use of additional hydraulic tools such as breakers, grapples, or augers, further expanding its capabilities.

By eliminating the need for constant machine movement, the TiltRotator enhances fuel efficiency, reduces wear on the excavator, and promotes a safer work environment. The advantages are clear, making Able Mini Excavator Services the preferred choice for your next project.

To further enhance your operations, the TiltRotator offers optional accessories like the grapple, providing additional material handling functionalities. With the hydraulic quick hitch, you can effortlessly connect various buckets and tools without leaving the operator's position, streamlining the attachment process.

Experience the transformative power of the TiltRotator and unlock the true potential of your excavator. Contact us today to learn how we can optimise your excavation projects and deliver superior results.


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